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Reliable utilities are a precondition of any modern buildings long service life, as well as one of the essential parameters directly affecting the market value of any facility, investors and buyers interest in it. Thats why real estate developers pay particular attention to organization of water supply, heating, sewerage, drainage and pneumatic systems. As a result, demand for polyethylene and polypropylene high-quality construction materials for creation of utilities, which have displaced the nondurable and unreliable metal from the leading position, is constantly growing on the market.

Why is it advantageous to use polypropylene pipes?

environmental friendpness;

corrosion resistance;

low weight;


long service pfe;

easy mounting;

minimum expenses for repair works;

affordable cost;

easy transportation and storage;

resistance to harsh environmental conditions;

wide variety of accessories, and availability of tools and equipment required for mounting and using items made of polypropylene.

Why should TEBO technics be chosen?

TEBO technics polypropylene pipes are products of a European manufacturer, which comply with all quality requirements and standards implemented in Europe. They have a wide number of features making a modern buyer choose them. The following features should be pointed out among the products advantages:

1. wide model range including everything necessary for high-quality mounting of utilities of various profiles, including polypropylene pipes and fittings;

2. top quality of raw materials;

3. thorough control over technological compliance throughout the phases of production;

4. regular check of mechanical, chemical and thermal parameters in the course of production;

5. service life reaching dozens of years: 30 years or more for hot water, and 50 years or more for cold water;

6. compliance with GOST (State Standard), DIN and TSE standards.

TEBO technics application

Products of this Turkish brand have gained a wide application in various areas of human activities. Currently, TEBO technics polypropylene pipes are used for mounting of pipelines of various profiles, including the following:

water supply (cold and hot) systems;

heating systems;

chemical industrial technological pipelines;

food processing industrial pipelines;

production pipelines.

TEBO technics product range

Polypropylene pipes and a wide range of fittings of various diameters, from 20 to 160 mm, are manufactured under this brand. In addition, the model range of products includes polypropylene pipes reinforced with aluminum (minimizing the thermal and linear expansion of pipes, and penetration of oxygen) and glass fiber (ensuring high lateral stiffness and easy mounting).

The model range of TEBO technics has everything necessary for creating a reliable up-to-date pipeline of any purpose.