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TEBO Technics pipes and fittings are made of an up-to-date material - Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR, type 3).

All products have been manufactured at leading European production lines using high-quality raw materials.

TEBO Technics polypropylene pipes and fittings are subject to a thorough, multi stage quality control: the results of laboratory and certification tests demonstrate that technical parameters of TEBO Technics products meet GOST, DIN and TSE standards.

Thanks to all those factors, the customer can get and use clear drinking water.


Resistance to elevated temperatures.

No rust, corrosion, decay, decomposition, dirt, lime deposits in the pipes and fittings, which allows preventing decrease in the pipelines internal diameter, thus preserving their capacity unchanged during a long period of time.

When properly stored, the products maintain their initial form, strength, temperature and chemical parameters.

High resistance to a wide number of organic and inorganic compounds.

Low friction factor: the surface is clear and smooth, doesnt retain other particles in micropores.

TEBO Technics PPR pipelines can easily be joined to other pipelines made of various materials (steel, copper, metal-filled plastic).

Connection of elements can easily be made using diffusion welding. Such connection is very stable, and doesnt lead to changes in the pipelines internal diameter.

Bar-code marking of the entire product range.

TEBO Technics pipes and fittings are low-weight and easily transportable, thus reducing the expenses for their loading and transportation. They are easy to mount and health-safe.

Wide range of pipes and fittings with a diameter of 20 to 160 mm, which allows mounting pipeline systems of any complexity.

The product range includes PN10, PN20, PN25 pipelines, and pipelines reinforced with: aluminum (reducing the thermal and linear expansions of pipes, and penetration of oxygen in the heat-conducting medium, which allows using them in heating systems); glass fiber (ensuring high lateral stiffness of pipes and an easier mounting, as no scalping is required when welding pipes).